The Serrada Residence is a point of reference for sports lovers.

The Residence offers its guests the opportunity to try many sports, in all seasons and at any age.

The locality of Serrada offers many paths for trekking and for nordic walking in addition to rock climbing.
A few kilometers there is also a stable that organize pleasant tours with horses. You can also choose enchanting paths to do with the mountain bike, equipped courts for tennis, volleyball and soccer.

In winter then, Serrada Residence became completely covered by a thick blanket of snow so it can be an excellent destination for skiing and perfect to enjoy the entire skiing area.
The ski lifts are located only 200 meters from the Residence so you can go there on foot.

  • Walks to discover for all!

    In summer you have to live the mountains through woods and clearings. From Cimone Hotel you can easily reach several paths that will make you discover every corner of the plateau. The departures are directly from the hotel and will lead to Lavarone Lake or you can reach the Monte Cimone and the Monte Belem. Everybody can walk immersed in the fragrance of the flowers contending with easy,average or more challenging paths.

  • Sport Benefits

    When you start walking is best to choose easy paths, brief, without significant “trials”. Trekking allows you to firming and toning the muscles of the legs, buttocks and abdominals. Walking is very good for the health: you will have benefits in breathing and in the resistance to the stress, since the walk stimulates the circulation and trains heart and lungs.

  • Long and well stretched steps
    at all ages

    If you love nature and open air, you can try this new sport that consists in walking with the help of sticks.
    It is a type of sweet training that develops strength and fitness without big physical efforts or excessive stress on the joints.

  • Sport Benefits

    The Nordic Walking allows you to lighten the locomotor system up to 30% and it is perfect in particular for people with bad knees and back.

    The Nordic Walking loosens the muscle contractions in neck and shoulders. It is the best outdoor training to reduce weight.

  • All in saddle with nature trails

    The charm of the landscape, fir forests and meadows can be discovered by bike: mountain biking is the perfect way to move easily.
    It gives to all, adults and children, the beautiful change to have fun and explore the enchanting nature trails away from the traffic and the city. It is a cure-all even considering the physical aspect: in an hour of activity, you can consume up to 500 kilocalories.

  • Sport Benefits

    You are looking for a good support for dealing with a challenging training? Try the juice of red beet that is able to increase the resistance to the efforts of the 16 %. According to a research, the nitrate content in vegetables would reduce the consumption of oxygen burned during physical exertion, making the task less tiring.

  • Residence Serrada is only 200 meters from the departure of the chairlift Serrada-Dosso Martinella, connected to the whole Folgaria ski area!
    Folgaria represents the main ski resort in the southern Trentino, only 20 km from the city of Trento and Rovereto and from the tollgate of the A22 Brennero motorway, with over 68 Km of ski slopes for alpine sking. It forms the carousel of Skitour dei Forti. It is a sequence of tracks connected together in a alpine scenery of great beauty among the remains of the fortifications of the Great War.

  • Sport Benefits

    The pre-skiing exercises are fundamental to improving the flexibility of the muscles and joint mobility, if performed with constancy in a correct manner.
    A correct behaviour in the races and the respect of the safety standards provide a serene enjoyment and safety for all skiers.

  • Walks without borders!

    If you want to enjoy a relaxing walk through fir woods full of snow, you can play with the snow shoes (ciaspole) or with sealskins.

  • Sports Curiosity

    This particular type of shoes to walk on the snow, called “CIASPOLE”, is an old way to cross the mountains: it was developed two centuries ago, when farmers and hunters used circles of wood and braided leather straps to move without sinking in the snow. Today the tools with which it is practiced are obviously different: instead of the older rackets, there are very light equipments which makes walking in the snow less tiring.